Conservation of paintings

Lion and Tiger offers museum grade conservation and restoration of traditional, modern, and contemporary paintings. We have extensive experience with treatments of paintings on canvas and panel, oil paint, acrylic paint as well as mixed media.

Lion and Tiger works both in situ and offers treatments in studios in The Hague and Leiden.

In our studio we come across tears and holes in all shapes and sizes; they can all be repaired. There are various methods for treating a tear in a canvas. The most recommended method is to glue the linen threads of the canvas together using the thread-by-thread tear repair method. Mending the threads is usually done under a microscope.

Actively flaking paint needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid paint losses. There are many forms of loss of paint cohesion and adhesion, such as flaking, tenting, delamination or embrittlement. Depending on the type of damage as well as the type of paint the appropriate adhesive and application method is chosen.

A thick layer of surface dirt can obscure a painting. Removing it will often lighten up the paint, revealing brighter colours. During surface cleaning only the durt deposit, such as nicotine, smoke and dust are being removed. 

Varnish serves as a protective layer. Upon aging a varnish can degrade, yellow, crack and become brittle. The decision whether to remove a varnish depends on the condition of the varnish layer and the degree of degradation.

During the process of retouching, new, reversible paint is being applied to areas of paint losses or abrasion. The paint usually consists of a stable binding medium and high quality pigments. Retouching is a highly precise and complex treatment step that should only be carried out by a qualified restorer.

The attachement of a backing board to the reverse of a painting can protect it from mechanical damages, highly reduce the impact of climate fluctuations and vibrations during transport.

Frames are an intrical part of paintings and as much as paintings, they also need conservation care. We have extensive experience in the treatment of frames including cleaning of gilded surface, reconstruction of damaged ornaments and regilding.

Lion and Tiger not only has experience with paintings but also with polychrome wooden sculptures. 

Lion and Tiger analyzes the condition of art collection through condition surveys that are based on single condition reports. The surveys entails an entire plan on how to improve the condition of the collection, what are the risk factors and which are the priority treatments. We also give advise on how to maintain an art collection.

Lion and Tiger writes condition reports for art collections, museums and private collectors. The report describes the current condition of the painting. If the work is found to be damaged upon return from an exhibition or a transport, this document is the only way for the lender to prove that the damage occurred during borrowing. This gives him the right to claim compensation.

In emergency situations such as water damage, fire, mold infestation or storm damage - action must be taken quickly and professionally to safeguard your paintings. 


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