Lion and Tiger is built up of a team of dedicated and skilled conservators. The studio is commited to preserve artistic authenticity and believes in the conservation philosophy of minimal intervention. We communicate our knowledge and work in a transparent way while we are always conscious of the need for discretion.

Cristina Solari is a paintings conservator with over twenty years experience working on easel paintings, murals, frames and polychrome sculpture, with expertise encompassing a range of periods from Old Master paintings through to contemporary art. She holds a Diploma of Paintings Conservation from the Palazzo Spinelli, Florence, as well as a Masters of Painting from the Academia dei Belli Arti Florence. Over the years she has gained extensive experience working as a conservator for museum collections including at the National Gallery of Canada and Rijksmuseum Twente. She has also worked on projects for the Netherlands/ Canadian government and at private studios in Italy, Argentina, the USA and The Netherlands. Cristina is highly skilled in both the aesthetic and structural treatments of works on canvas and panel and was involved in the development of the iMat system for structural treatments on canvas paintings. Her experience also encompasses preventive conservation, loans and exhibitions and collection management. 

Magdalena Brela is a painting conservator with ten years of experience. She holds a Master in Painting Conservation from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She worked in various museum and institution in Austria, Netherlands and Canada. Working six years in the Netherlands at a painting conservation studio, she restored works ranging from Adriaen Coorte through Pablo Picasso to Alexander Calder. She worked two years at the Saarland Museum in Saarbrücken, Germany, leading the painting conservation studio in a transition period of the head restorer. The work included conservation treatments, courier trips as well as planning and managing exhibition and loan related conservation work.  Magdalena is combining the knowledge of traditional conservation techniques with the modern advances in conservation. She has experience in surveying large collections, while prioritizing conservation and restoration treatments, making maintenance plans for collections and advising on best preventive conservation practices.


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