Tear before treatment

Tear after repair

Tear repair

Accidents can quickly lead to a torn canvas. This can not only obscure the painting but also structurally weaken it.


Depending on  the type, size and location of the tear or hole, there are many ways of dealing with the damage. If possible we treat the tear in the most minimal way, using the thread-by-thread tear repair technique. 

In severe cases, were the tear is too extensive or there several tears it might be necessary to support the entire canvas through lining.

Painting with a strip lining

Strip lining

With time the tacking margin, the edges of the canvas that attach the painting to the stretcher, can weaken or tear.

To reinforcem them we offer a process called strip-lining, where pieces of canvas are attached to the weakened original tacking margin. An example of a strip lining can be seen on the image on the left.

Lining of a damaged painting


In the case of an extremely deteriorated canvas painting, the only solution might be lining. Lining is a process where the damaged canvas is adhered onto a new piece of canvas in order to reinforce it. 

Linings are nowadays carried out to be fully reversible and extremely safe procedures.


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