Art collection management

With larger art collections it is not always easy to know the condition of the artworks and also understand what the potential problems are and how to solve them.

Lion and Tiger provides a full service from surveying a collection, to analyzing the potential issues and providing solutions how to improve the condition of a collection.

We also prioritizy necessary conservation and restoration treatments and provide plans on how to best maintain an art collection. Upon request we provide training on how to carry out basic maintenance yourself.

Collection services

To evaluate the condition of a collection and give advice on how to prevent damages to artworks in the future, Lion and Tiger carries out Collection Surveys. This includes a through check of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, location of artworks but also hanging systems or the condition of the framing. The client is presented with a report that states the current condition and gives solutions on how to improve it in order to best preserve artworks for the future.

Preventive conservation is a major topic in Collection Management. It aims to minimise deterioration and damage to works of art. Through small and inexpensive interventions, large invasive conservation treatments can often be avoided. 

Preventive conservation aims to preserve works of art by controlling the environment in which they are displayed, stored and transported.  This includes maintaining stable temperature and relative humidity, controlling pests, managing light exposure, disaster preparedness and protecting works of art from other physical damage.  

Collection maintenance

A regular maintenance of an art collection will help prevent any surface dirt build up and help in identifying any new condition issues. Frequent checks will also allow to notice early a potential pest infestation.

Depending on each collection, Lion and Tiger can establish a custom tailored maitenance plan and carry it out on a regular basis or give training on how to do it in a correct way to avoid damages.


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